Dreamcatcher Inspiration

I’ve been fascinated over all the gorgeous boho interpretations of dream catchers making their way around the web. The Cream offered a truly to-die-for inspiration for a dreamcatcher-inspired wedding, which can be seen here at Ruffled. How fabulous would it be to put together a dreamcatcher-making party? It would be a super fabulous theme for bridal showers, which, let’s all admit it, can be a bit played out. Another cool alternative to the bridal shower inspired by dreamcatcher love is a crafty “makin’ stuff” party for a DIY wedding. Guys and gals could both participate. Grab a couple of bottles of wine and make some fresh sangria, then fill lovely vintage dishes with loads of awesome inspired art and craft supplies. Or what about a similar concept for a tween’s or teen’s birthday party? Simply swap out the sangria for some super hip mocktails or a sundae bar for the younger kids. Or perhaps a bon voyage party where friends create goodies to liven up the dorm at college? Dreamcatchers are simple to make and there are about a bazillion possibilities. Conservatively. Here’s a super simple one I made just for fun:

And there are so many other cool and crafty decor items to be made with the same materials. Consider:

Spare fabric and ribbons, wood, embroidery thread, doilies, all can be reimagined as hanging art. This display for little gifts the children made me is super Pinterest-inspired. I’ve been enchanted by all the ways driftwood and similar natural products have been mixed in with found objects.

What’s that you say? You’d love some tasty tutorials?

Ask and you shall receive, my lovies!!!

LuLu’s heart dreamcatcher (yay hearts!!!)

Run 2 the Wild (bohemian princess we adore)

Two awesome posts from Free People, simple here and more complex here

And if you’re feeling really spunky, you could probably work their stinking fabulous mandala (rope-swirl tapestry) into one

And one more gorgeous doily dreamcatcher tutorial here at Chit Chat and a Half

Now I’m super inspired to try my hand at using macrame details for styling! Any suggestions?

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